The Complete Installation solution - Engineering Partners.

DSPS Engineering are pleased to recommend the following partners for the complete installation solution for your turbo charged engine.

Exhaust manifold
Pat Barrett MD of Primary Designs has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of exhaust manifolds and will be happy to work with you on your installation.

Electronic control valves & valve position sensor.
As well as his ‘Paddle shift’ system Marc Amblard has also produced boost control valves to work with your engine management system and give you the best possible control of the wastegate and fresh air valve. He is also the man to speak to about the valve position sensor.

Air control lines.
ATec have a wide range of lines and fittings available to aid with the installation of your engine and turbo charger and associated parts.

Bespoke parts.
With a wide range of design experience across many different fields of sport Perry Cohn will be able to assist with the design and manufacture of any non standard parts that you might require.