Wastegate and Fresh Air Valve - History and Evolution

With almost 40 yrs experience in professional motorsport and 25 yrs since the first Wastegate was designed and manufactured DSPS Engineering fully understands the demands and requirements of producing and supplying components for turbo charged engines.

The 2011 specification Wastegate and Fresh Air Valve have been designed very much with the new 1600cc ‘World Engine’ regulations in mind. They are small and compact units to aid packaging in ever smaller engine bays, with reduced internal volume to reduce air consumption in use. In keeping with the trend for more advanced electronic control systems the Wastegate is available with a valve position sensor which can signal the ECU in real time to facilitate very accurate boost control.

The Fresh Air Valve is designed to be incorporated into the engine management ‘Anti Lag System’ and shares some components with the Wastegate keeping costs down and reducing the number of spare parts that are required for servicing.

The larger DW1 Wastegates have been in production since the mid eighties and were supplied to every engine and chassis builder involved in the ‘Indy Car Series’ during that period.

They were subsequently adopted by several major motor manufacturers as the Wastegate of choice and have continued to enjoy many Le Mans and sport car wins in the last two decades.

The large Wastegate has also been popular with the Rally Cross scene as a ‘fit and forget’ option.

The medium size DS1 Wastegate was produced in 2000 with WRC in mind, it proved popular not only in this class of motorsport but also with manufactures of smaller capacity engines again for Le Mans and other sports car series.

Together they have provided many thousands of Km of reliable service in some of motorsport’s most arduous category’s whilst requiring only minimal maintenance. We take that knowledge and experience forward to the design of the 2011 parts.