DW1 Wastegate

Still popular with the ‘Rally Cross’ scene or those with large capacity engines running low boost the DW1 wastegate has been subject to constant upgrade and improvement over its life, during which it has to played its part in delivering many ‘Indy Car’ and ‘Le Mans’ victories.

It has shed a few grams, has a reduced internal volume and has benefitted from the improvement of materials and manufacturing processes.

The valve housing is a cast Stainless Steel part with an inlet diameter of 50mm and an exit of 54mm.

The central body which carries the valve guide and membrane housing is manufactured from Titanium to aid heat dissipation and reduce weight.

The valve is a forged Nimonic component and the valve guide requires no lubrication.

The Diaphragm is a fabric reinforced fluorocarbon material with a maximum service temperature in excess of 250 C and a burst pressure of over 18 bar.

The valve is air controlled via 2 #3 fitting of contrasting colour to aid correct installation on the vehicle.

There is a wide selection of spring rates available.

Each assembly is supplied with inlet and outlet weld rings and V band clamps to suit.

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